21 Mar 2014

The Great American Road Trip by abbieredmon


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After I returned to the states from my travels in Spain, etc., I was able to spend ten days in Washington, DC, during which I sold my car, caught up with friends, and tied up some loose ends.

But then I had to leave again. Where to this time?


I'm participating in Climate Ride California, which is a four-day, 250-mile-plus fundraising bicycle ride from San Francisco to Sacramento to support climate change awareness and bicycle advocacy. The ride starts on May 17, so my plan is to drive across the country with my bicycle, stopping along the way to see friends, see places, and enjoy a bit of Americana before I get to San Francisco.

My route goes vaguely like this:

Washington, DC (my home for the past decade. Crazy.)
Louisville, KY (my parents & lots of family live here)
Bowling Green, KY (more family here)
Nashville, TN (family and friends here)
New Orleans, LA (my brother lives here)
Austin, TX (friends here)
Albuquerque / the Grand Canyon / Phoenix (this part is fuzzy)
Yuma, AZ (an old friend here)
Los Angeles, CA (friends here)
San Francisco, CA (friends here, and the start of the ride!)

I'm very excited and can't wait for my first cross-country drive! Follow along for updates from the road!