24 Apr 2014

The Great American Road Trip by abbieredmon


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Before leaving Kanab, I got up early to see if the Coral Pink Sand Dunes were pretty at sunrise.

They were.

Although, I almost died of cold. I thought I was prepared, but the wind on the dunes was worse than I predicted -- my hands almost froze right off my arms!

Seeing the dunes glow pink at dawn was really quite nice, though. That would be a cool spot to camp.

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After the dunes, I came back to my hotel in Kanab to have breakfast and finish packing up. Parry's Lodge was a great place to stay -- they used to host lots of celebrities back in "the day," like Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan.

Breakfast was okay -- I had a Denver omelet -- but the rooms were really spacious.

I heard from other people that Kanab was kind of a homophobic town, though, which made me feel bad about giving it my business, ha. Next time, I might stay in Springdale, which is basically a few yards outside the entrance to Zion National Park.

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This is a quick leg -- just an hour between these two towns.

I stopped at Lake Powell on the way, just because it was right there. I thought there might be a nice view.

It was a bit umimpressive, but I think that's because the water level is so low right now. It looks like the lake has the potential to be really cool, with all the rocks and natural formations around. I'd like to see it again in the summer to give it another chance. :)

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So, Upper Antelope Canyon is the most famous half of Antelope Canyon. Confusingly, Lower Antelope Canyon is north of Upper, but they name them by elevation, not cardinal direction, ha.

I chose to tour Lower, which has some ladders and a fair bit of scrambling involved. You can get a photographer's pass to tour it, which means you have more time in the canyon (2 hours instead of 1.25), and you don't have to stay with a guide.

MAN I took a lot of photos.

It was truly beautiful. The light was magnificent! I'd love to see it at all different times of day. I'm sure it changes so much.

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After touring Antelope, I checked into my room at Lake Powell Motel, where I got an AMAZING rate because I took his only room that wasn't a full apartment with a kitchen, etc. But it was everything I needed, especially at that price!

I chatted with Jake, the owner, about other things to do in an near Page. Jake grew up in Page, and when I told him I'd toured Lower Antelope, he told me that when he was in school, he and his friends would go there to hang out, goof off, start fires, etc. He said they called it "upper crack" and "lower crack" back then -- haha!

Jake also gave me a few nice recommendations for places to eat in Page, too, which was helpful!

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I knew I'd probably prefer Horseshoe Bend at sunrise, but I wanted to see it at sunset, too, especially since it was so close to Page. A 5-minute drive!

The "hike" from the parking lot to the overlook is really just a sandy, mostly downhill walk.

It was crowded, and there were quite a few folks with tripods and cameras staking out their spots and waiting for the nice light.

The place was literally SWARMED with gnats, though, which was a huge bummer. I kept running around like a crazy person trying to get away from them, haha. I'm sure I looked insane to anyone watching.

I did get a chance to try out the Olloclip my friend gave me when I passed through Nashville!